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Snow on the roof in New Milford, CT! And the driveway... and the walkway...

Snow on the roof..... the driveway... the front walk, everywhere inSnow on the barn roof New Milford CT New Milford CT.

Good news, no more snow for January! February, however, is a different
matter. My new obsession is looking for snow on the rooftops here in the greater New Milford, CT area. Litchfield County was spared the amounts the rest of the state got with the last snow storm, although 6 inches on top of the 2 plus feet we got before is more than enough. My daughter is having problems at her house with snow and ice backing up and leaking into the house. I managed to snag a roof rake in my travels at the local Agway, getting one is quite an accomplishment these days. I have found a few websites that tell you how to make your own with pipe and scrap wood. Here is an example of one.

Getting the snow off the roof is half the battle, the other half is getting rid of the ice jams. A local roofer told my daughter to lightly salt the ice jams, emphasis on the word lightly. There are also signs popping up in the huge snow banks of people who will remove the snow from your roof. It might seem costly at the time, I heard an average of $1,200, but in the scheme of things this is not so bad a proposition if you consider the alternative. If you use one of these companies, make sure to see their business license and insurance. You don't want someone falling off your roof that is not insured to do the work!

This morning I am throwing a bit of salt on the ice jam along the back of the house. I am lucky, I live in a salt box so the gutter is just about reachable with no ladder needed. The snow seems to have melted the ice on the front of the house, and the winds have done a fine job of blowing the snow off the roof. But as I drive around I see porches that have a few feet of snow, sometimes entire homes. Killer icicles are hanging down in places people just can't reach, and getting around to these parts of the homes is not an easy feat.

As the forecast is calling for m
ore significant snow on the way this week, do take the time to remove what you can. And remember, if your house is on the market, please make sure the driveway is plowed and there is safe access to the house! I showed a home yesterday where the driveway was not plowed from the last storm. I couldn't drive in, and was unable to park on the road. I had to park at the very end and slosh through snow with my clients to show the house. The house in question is clearly a family in distress, but what bothered me most is that there were 2 teenage boys in the home watching TV and playing videos while mom was outside trying her best to clear the mess, apologizing to us that her boys just won't help. That is another matter entirely.

Snow on the roof in New Milford, CT? Take the time to clear it off before we get more snow, which is on the way.

(I am hoping one or two of my home inspector friends will weigh in on the subject of snow on the rooftops!)

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