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Candlewood Lake, the 440 line & your docks. What do they have in common?

They have the property owner, FirstLight Power Resources in common! (But what the heck is the 440 line?)

Candlewood Lake Real EstateThose who have direct water frontage on Candlewood Lake are well aware of what the 440 line is, or they should. It is at the 440' elevation mark, where your property ends and FirstLight's begins. It is what prevents home owners from actually owning to the waters edge and beyond. A few home owners own below the 440 line, a very, very few.

That 440 line also marks restrictions!

Recently home owners with "waterfront" property on Candlewood Lake received letters from FirstLight Power Resources, the actual owner of Candlewood Lake. They are out checking the shoreline up to the 440 line AND this includes docks. They are making the rounds, looking at what is there then checking against permits. And they may be asking you to fill out a license for your dock. You might grumble and groan, but your dock is on their "land", don't forget that.

Interesting fact I learned. Most all of the lake front properties were deeded dock rights (or not) when the lake was first "built". We are talking about 1929-1930 deed, which should contain the same Schedule A that is in the most recent deeds,  in most cases! But having a deeded right to have a dock and having a dock that conforms to both FirstLights rules and regs, and the towns rules and regs, PLUS being licensed are entirely separate things!

That darn tree is blocking my view of Candlewood Lake... let's cut it!

Don't forget, it's not only the docks that are on their "land". This includes all the vegetation below the 440 line! Anything you cut, plant, build below that line needs to be approved by the actual owner of the property, FirstLight Power Resources. If you don't, if you decide to do what you want, you risk three things.

  1. Being slapped with a "cease and desist" order
  2. Being forced to remove what you did, replace what you cut and remediate any damage you may have caused.
  3. And worse than that, contributing a negative effect to the health of Candlewood Lake!

No need to panic though. A call to FirstLight's Land Manager at 860.350.3294 should certainly help to answer your questions.

Remember, even if you have permission from FirstLight, you still need to contact the town and get approval!

Candlewood LakeWe all want Candlewood Lake to be there for generations to come and enjoy. Following the rules and regulations is the best protection there is for a long and happy future. Our use of any body of water for recreation and living purposes has very negative effects on the health of the lakes. Even those who don't have water frontage but live close can affect the health of the lake.

If you want to find out more about Candlewood Lake and how you can help, check out the Candlewood Lake Authority website. They have information there for all those who live on, around and enjoy Candlewood Lake, and how you can help to contribute to the health and well being of this beloved spot!

Candlewood Lake may have been created to store water during times of low electrical demand to create more power to use at peak demand, but most of us think of it something very, very different! Yes, we all love our power, but we love the lake and all the enjoyment that brings to us! Let's keep it that way, and let's keep the relationship between those who live there and those who use the lake and it's rightful owner, FirstLight Power Resources an amiable and productive one.

Want to live on Candlewood Lake? Check out our lake front listing with a dock. 

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